Customized websites, small or extensive webshop, CMS (Content Management System) so that the customer can take care of a part of the management, setting up an integrated blog with live update, ...


Layout of magazines, folders, menus, house style, posters, invitations, ...
Editing photos, creating banners, typesetting of books, ...
I deliver a print ready PDF for your printservice.


Free graphic. I'll make your portrait or let me inspire by texts and poems. The drawings are delivered digitally in a format of your choice.

Hans Lengeler Webdesign

About me

I studied at KASK (Ghent) and obtained a master in Applied Arts. I worked for international advertising and communication agencies as a graphic artist. I moved from Brussels to a village in Provence in 2019 and started a small business.

In addition to my experience as a desktop publisher, I have increasingly immersed myself in website design since 2011.

Drawing never completely let go of me. I have the pleasure of regularly providing illustrations for the poems of Jeroen Vermeiren.


A few recent projects

With a website you can go in all directions. And, as the saying goes, you cannot argue about colors and flavors. Style is therefore determined entirely in consultation with the customer. After all, in the end you want a product that everyone is happy with.

Perhaps more importantly, is what goes on behind the graphics layer. Is your website solid? Are there not too many hidden cookies in the code, as is often the case with the 'free' do-it-yourself websites that people sell you on the net? Is your website sufficiently protected against bots? Is your website ready to be found by search engines?

The professional web designer can make the difference here.

Website Gerry De Mol
Gerry De Mol

Musician, composer, writer, performer, dramaturge, ... With CD webshop.

Website De Zinnenspinnerij
De Zinnenspinnerij

Copywriting, editing and fiction. The Zinnenspinnerij puts it all together. Website with small webshop.

Website Essensito

Website for those looking for contact with themselves and nature.

Website Do & Don't
Do & Don't

Safety consultancy and prevention policy. Safety at work comes first.

Website Blijven hangen
Blijven Hangen

Website to promote a book about all the bars that existed over the centuries in a Flanders provincial town. Webshop included.

Website Tuin Vol Leven
Tuin Vol Leven

Website for maintenance and (re) construction of gardens.

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I use Rapid Weaver 8 with Stacks4 to build websites. The framework, which gives me great freedom to create even very complex layouts, revolves around Foundry.

Layout and concept

I have more than 30 years of experience in the graphics industry. I had the pleasure of working for international advertising agencies, was editor-in-chief / layouter of a cultural magazine for 4 years and created numerous advertisements. Layout is a game, it is a puzzle until you have a calm and clear page layout.

Housestyle Hans Lengeler
Magazine layout Hans Lengeler
Affiche Hans Lengeler
TLV Magazine Hans Lengeler
Logodesign Hans Lengeler
Covers magazine Hans Lengeler
Layout Hans Lengeler
Folder Hans Lengeler
Gezongen Slauerhoff Artwork Hans Lengeler
Kleine Blote Liedjes artwork Hans Lengeler
Min en Meer artwork Hans Lengeler
Bieretiketten Brouwerij De Troch


Illustrations and drawings

Pictures say more than a thousand words. I make portraits and illustrations to order. The examples you can find here were created digitally using a pencil or just by drawing with my fingers. I like to call it a form of "digital craft".

Filip by Hans Lengeler
Kris by Hans Lengeler
Jeroen Vermeiren by Hans Lengeler
Joe by Hans Lengeler
Magy by Hans Lengeler
Peperkoek by Hans Lengeler
Louis by Hans Lengeler
Kris Van Cappellen by Hans Lengeler
Lisa De Wet by Hans Lengeler

Eva by Hans Lengeler
Lengelhair by Hans Lengeler
Sagat by Hans Lengeler

Dance by Hans Lengeler
Party hardy by Hans Lengeler
Defunkt by Hans Lengeler

Drawings inspired by the poetry of J.J. Slauerhoff

Poésie Slauerhoff by Hans Lengeler
J.J. Slauerhoff by Hans Lengeler
Slauerhoff by Hans Lengeler

Get your own portrait or drawing

Rates webdesign

Every story is different, every website is different. The rates below are therefore only intended as a guideline.

Service Rate
Website with ± 5 windows 960 €
Website with ± 5 windows plus SEO 1200 €
Blog integration 90 €
CMS (Content Management System) integration 60 €
Extra language (Fr, Dutch, ...) 180 €
Small Webshop integration 180 €
Extended Webshop integration Contact me
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